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FIFA 16: Villarreal ratings, and rumors of game faces for everyone!

FIFA 16: El Madrigal to be included as a venue, and Villarreal players with game faces? Those are the rumours, hopefully they are correct!!

Soldado will jump for joy if the FIFA 16 rumours are correct
Soldado will jump for joy if the FIFA 16 rumours are correct
Maria José Segovia

For the younger members of our blog, it's not just the season just begun that Villarreal fans have to be excited about. The new, upcoming release of FIFA 16 will be hitting our shores soon enough.  There are rumours in the gaming community that La Liga will get the same treatment the PL did last year.   I am referring to every La Liga team being equipped with game faces.

This means exactly what it says on the tin. You will see Villarreal heroes gracing FIFA screens. If you are like me and have always dreamed of playing with Trigueros in midfield or assisting Soldado in attack then this might be a FIFA actually worth investing in.   (Although the create a-player is far from exact as my attempts to create myself have left me look somewhat like  Voldermort....)

El Madrigal will also feature in the game, so for those fans who have never been, buy FIFA 16 and you can at least say you have played there!  Further news is that the commentators will actually be able to pronounce the names and know a bit about the club.  (You will have to supply your own Javi Mata "GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL" calls, though). For the last couple of years we have heard the same expression which i imagine they use for all the Europa league teams, "Villarreal is a small team but they have become a big club". I for one can't wait to see the actual players.


I am not huge on stats of players, as I tend to be amazing with every player, but I'll give it a quick run-over. First to notice is that Soldado has dropped down to 79 from 82 now he has joined us. All Villarreal fans will argue this to the ground as he will be on fire for us. Attack hasn't changed otherwise with Baptistao and Bakambu staying the same.

Midfield seems to have got a whole new revamp with all players receiving the recognition they deserve. You notice Dos Santos is up which i guess is thanks to him being from that side of the pond. As many of you know the FIFA gamemakers are American, so maybe Mexican or American players' stats will be exaggerated to make you feel better at "Soccer" then you are.... Only joking, guys!!!

Seriously, Jona fully deserves that. Bruno and Trig move up a couple of points with Pina staying more or less the same. An interesting one is Samuel who before was rated 70 and is now close to 80 which is great news. Obviously big expectations there. One to keep in your squad is  Dennis Suarez. He was brilliant on last year's game, especially with long shots, so make sure you keep him.

Defence is pretty much the same. Goalkeepers will be big transfer targets, as we have three good ones.  Asenjo was on fire last season, not surprised he has shot up.  Areola wasn't even in the game last year so it's great to see him now included, Barbosa is solid as well.

All in all this will be an amazing FIFA if the rumours are true. I for one won't buy it unless there are game faces for Villarreal, though, as every FIFA is more or less the same otherwise.  Hoping the rumours are well founded.