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Normal Villarreal USA service to be resumed soon, we hope

Apologies for the lack of site updates recently, but we hope you understand.

Allen Dodson

Hi everyone--wanted to update you on the site and why things seem less updated than usual.  One of our previous writers has left, one other is busy being overworked, and another is also in a new job and doing his best to get previews and such to us.

And then there's me.  The photo above is of the Butte Fire, Thursday night in San Andreas, CA.  My wife and I have been under an evacuation advisory since Friday due to this fire, and Villarreal CF has just not been foremost in my mind, imagine that. 

We are not in imminent danger; the fire is 40% contained and has not grown since Sunday.  However, we won't be OUT of danger until the fire perimeter closest to us is totally contained, so we are remaining vigilant.

I hope to post some on here in the next week, but to be honest most of my scouring the web has been fire-related.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to help out by covering matches or whatever, please post below and let the VUSA staff know.