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Vuelta a España visits Vila-real on Monday

I don't know how many of you are cycling fans or can watch the Vuelta a Espana live on TV , but if you are curious about the Castellón region, the bike race will be coming through!!

Villarreal CF

If you are a bicycling fan, you already know the Vuelta a Espana is in progress.  If you aren't, the Vuelta is a Spanish equivalent of the Tour de France, which gets much more media coverage in the US.  However, the Vuelta is a "Grand Tour" and some of the same competitors, and teams,  who competed in the Tour are competing in Spain.

The tenth stage, which happens on August 31 (Monday) is a fairly flat stretch from Valencia to Castellón, about 90 miles long.  It passes through Vila-real, and through Castellón before heading out to climb a little mountain and returning to Castellón.    If you are familiar with the area, you might find it enjoyable to watch the race head through here on TV.  And if you are not from the area but can watch, the coverage should give you some insight into the region.

You can get more information about the race route, map and so forth here.

And no, unfortunately, I don't believe the Castellón airport is on the race route.  Surely that would have been a good place to finish the stage, don't you think?