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Villarreal B make it two wins in two

Both goals come from ex-Olot man Carlos Martinez, who does not celebrate against his former team.

Maria José Segovia

I thought this match would be on Villarreal TV live, but it wasn't.  Oh well.

Villarreal B picked up their second win of the young campaign with a 2-0 win over Olot, with ex-Olot man Carlos Martinez scoring both goals for the B-boys.  It sounded from the twitter feed as if we were on top most of the match; Alfonso Pedraza and Ivan Alejo were impressive in addition to Martinez.

Our team was: Aitor; Carlos Julio, Manu Viana, Mauro, Pablo Iñiguez; Anton Shvets , Ivan Alejo, Rodrigo , Alfonso Pedraza; Carlos Martinez, Fran Sol.

Subs were Ander (13); Dan Ojog (12), Franco Acosta (14), Leo Suarez (15) and Ramiro (16); the middle three of these saw action late on.

Villarreal B have two wins in two matches and a goal difference of +4; as it happens, four of the five other sides that won their first match are involved in matches against each other tomorrow, so we'll see who else emerges with six points after the second week is concluded.  A nice win, next week we are away to Herculés, should be a club that threatens the promotion spots this season you'd think.  Every time I think of them I think of Ricky Drenthe....