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Denis Suarez rumor, Villarreal B and C news

And anything else we can find to talk about

Rumors first--Denis Suárez, who didn't feature at all for Sevilla in their first match, is 'in Villarreal's orbit', as the term is.  The complicating factor here is he's on loan from Barca to Sevilla; Sevilla can buy him for €6m at the end of that and Barca can repurchase him for '€3m more', according to this article.  (I have no idea how this works).  Sevilla want to keep him but Denis wants to go to Villarreal since Unai Emery isn't planning on using him a great deal.

Cantera results: Villarreal B started off the season on a winning note with a 3-1 victory over L'Hospitalet at their place.  Goals came from Felipe Alfonso, Alfonso Pedraza and Fran Sol; L'H finished just ahead of us in the table last year, so defeating them is a good start.

Unfortunately, Felipe Alfonso was injured in the match, has just tweeted he has a partially torn cruciate ligament, so will be out for some months as he recuperates.

Villarreal C also played on the road, and drew 1-1 with Alzira; our goal from Pedrito.   Not a bad result either; remember last year the C team came in fourth so would have made the playoffs had the B team not been in Segunda B already.  Might be a bit tougher this season though, with players moving up the ladder from C to B.

A bit of an unplanned adventure yesterday, apparently--as Villarreal's charter approached Sevilla, the airspace was closed due to the crash of an ultralight plane, so the team had to land at Jerez and proceed from there to the Villamarin.

Finally, here are some player ratings from VAVEL for yesterday's match.  See what you think.  (Also rating for Marcelino, and the referee).

Next weekend all three top Villarreal clubs will be at home--hopefully the official site will stream the B and C matches as they did last year.  Endavant!