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Betis draw 1-1 with Villarreal courtesy of an offside goal

Not that it mightn't have been a deserved draw on the day, but when the goal that shares the points comes courtesy of a buildup involving a player yards offside, well....

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Villarreal began their 2015-16 season on a bit of a sour note, giving up a goal in the last 10 minutes to scrape a draw with Real Betis on the road.  To add insult to injury, the goal should never have counted--as shown below, Xavi Torres was rather more than a mite offside, and he participated in the buildup that led to the tying goal (after a couple of saves from Areola).  And, Bruno Soriano's frustrations led to him kicking out in injury tie and receiving a straight red card--this after Marcelino had been banished from the bench for protesting the Betis goal.

Villarreal took the lead in the first half with a goal from Roberto Soldado, but couldn't put the game away--Cedric Bakambu beat the keeper but a defender blocked his shot into the empty net, and Samu Garcia hit the post with a shot just after.

Not surprisingly, our attack looked rather disjointed given the new folks just on board, and who knows, there may be more new attackers before our next match.

A point is a point on the road, might be useful, but if this sort of call had gone against Madrid or Barcelona, it would be all over the papers.  Since it was Villarreal, big deal.  That's La Liga for you ("the best league in the world".... except for  the referees and league officials....)