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It's time for our annual contest, where we ask you to predict the successful (and unsuccessful) teams in La Liga, and also some insight into Villarreal's team.

This proved to be popular last time, so we will offer it again.  There will be prizes: probably scarves, or Villarreal flags, or whatever else we can grab at the official store that don't require sizing and are easy to mail.  And maybe the club will chip in with something, too--you never know.

The questions are pretty much the same as last time.

1) Villarreal's point total in La Liga

(2) Villarreal's final placing in La Liga

(3) La Liga champion

(4) Top four in La Liga (Champions League qualifiers)

(5) Next three in La Liga (presumably, Europa League qualifiers)

(6) Villarreal's finish in the Europa League

(7) Villarreal's leading goal scorer (La Liga matches only) and number of goals.

(8) The three teams that will be relegated from the Primera

(9) Copa del Rey finish for Villarreal

(10) Who will lead Villarreal in yellow cards? (reds count as two yellows)

(11) Who will score the most goals of this group IN ALL COMPETITIONS:  Soldado with Villarreal, Bakambu with Villarreal, Gerard with Espanyol, or Vietto with Atleti?

Have at it!  You don't need to answer right away--the deadline for receiving entries (in the comments section of this post is SATURDAY morning, 7 AM Spanish time.  No cost to enter, and the judges' decisions will be final!