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Bakambu signing is done, other Villarreal news

Villarreal have their man, or at least one of them!

Penya El Madrigal members at Arsenal
Penya El Madrigal members at Arsenal
Penya El Madrigal twitter

Various media outlets are reporting Cedric Bakambu has agreed and signed a five-year deal with Villarreal CF.  Transfer fee has been reported as €7m, which is right in the middle of what Bursapor wanted (8) and we initially offered (6).

We have also signed a player for the B team, Marcos Mauro.  He is a 24 year-old center back from Argentina who has played with Roda and Huesca.  He is our fourth signing for the B after Ander Cantero (keeper from Real Madrid Castilla C), midfielder Ivan Alejo (Atleti B) and striker Carlos Martínez (Olot).  He becomes our fourth center back, counting Pablo Iñiguez who may get called to the first team sometines, and also plays defensive midfield.

As reported yesterday, Denis Cheryshev would love to come to Villarreal, but Rafa Benitez has said no.  I suppose this could be a bit of a negotiating ploy, but it sounded pretty definite.  Unfortunate for us, of course, but also Chery, who loved it here and is going to spend more time on the bench at Real Madrid than anything else.  There's still nearly three weeks in the transfer season though, so don't give up yet.

Gerard Moreno--Betis is keeping an eye out in case he doesn't go to Espanyol; they might make an offer, according to one rumor making the rounds.

First mentioned yesterday, again today: Adrián Lopez (ex-Atleti).

Little article here in MARCA (English) on the recent spate of "loans that are really deferred required purchases".  Though it's short on details, the basic idea is it enables clubs to juggle their numbers a bit for Financial Fair Play purchases.  Interestingly, the first player to move in this way was Zlatan.  I have seen rumors we may try something like this for Roberto Soldado.

The "Endavant Provincia" project continues, with Villarreal partnering with 37 provincial clubs to give them access to medical services, training, sports equipment and so on.  A really good initiative, and the club has taken advantage, so to speak, of El Madrigal being unavailable to have the presentations of new players take place at towns around the area.

Spanish Supercup today, Barcelona vs SevillaThe nervionenses have problems at center back, where Carrico is hurt and several players came down sick after a barbecue.  Unai Emery joked (I hope he was joking) he might have to play there!  2:30 ET in eastern US.