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Three youngsters likely to reinforce Villarreal's first team

Remember all those reinforcements we were needing this season? We have found some good ones in-house.

Thomas McIlroy

It has not been announced officially, but expect Nahuel Leiva, Alfonso Pedraza and Iván Alejo to receive first-team numbers when the Villarreal squad is formally announced.  Nahuel is our leading scorer in preseason and has shown impressive instincts, speed and movement playing with a number of different strikers and in different positions (striker, wing).  Pedraza's career has just taken off in the last year--he made his debut in the Mestalla for the first team, in the same season he began as a member of our Juvenil A squad, and both he and Nahuel were members of the Spain U-19 team that won the European title last month.

As for Alejo, he was only signed in June from Atleti but has impressed in each match.  He came on late in Sassuolo and delivered two perfect crosses form the right wing, and again, possesses an understanding of the game in addition to talent.