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Gio dos Santos to LA Galaxy deal is perhaps done, and is Gerard Moreno leaving?

MLS sources say it is, but it won't be announced until after the Gold Cup is over.

Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images

Our sister blog LAG Confidential is reporting Gio dos Santos will be announced as a new member of the LA Galaxy, after the Gold Cup is concluded (or at least,  one would think, Mexico's participation in it).  Marca reports the same, quoting Fox Deportes.   Safe to say there is some question about the fee, though--$3.4 million (€3m or so) is a ways off €7-10m, which was what had been reported was being discussed earlier.

Meanwhile, with Vietto, Uche, and now Gio leaving, our remaining striker--Gerard Moreno--appears to be demanding a high salary in return for his salary renewal (he has one year left on his contract).  He made €600k this season, and rumors are he wants something around €2m.  I cannot see Villarreal agreeing to that.  (By the way, if Jona leaves, and Chery doesn't return, we've already 'saved' around €9m in salary, though we obviously are paying the players we've acquired--that number assumes no cut in Ruiz's salary as well).

So, the club has a dilemma: they could keep him in the squad this season and then go on a free transfer after the season is concluded (or, attempt to reach an agreement during the course of the season), they could agree to his demands for a new contract, or they could sell him now, figuring there isn't a chance they reach an agreement and this way they get some cash for him (plus, if he is sold on again, they'll collect more money then).

Espanyol are apparently interested; the €1m they've offered is awfully cheap, but then the sell-on clause would make up for that.  If Gerard goes there, signs a five-year deal and turns out to be a star, he's going to move on and we'll collect some money for him.  If he flames out, then....

Meanwhile, we continue to be linked with various attackers, most notably Roberto Soldado, but we would like to have Denis Cheryshev.  Unfortunately, Liverpool appear to be very interested now that Raheem Sterling wants out, and Real Madrid could then demand top dollar--or euro--for him.  So, we shall see.  But as matters stand, Villarreal has some scrambling to do to get our attacking positions filled--Leo Baptistao is our only striker at the moment, with the two Samus on the wings (and possibly Javier Espinosa, though he may be loaned out again).