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Soldado (probably too expensive) and other rumors

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Tottenham may want to sell him for that price (12 million pounds sterling), but Villarreal would probably hold out for less.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Rumors are that Villarreal are one of the clubs Tottenham Hotspur has contacted to discuss taking on Roberto Soldado, who is being labeled a "flop" after his big money-signing a couple of years ago.  (Harry Kane's emergence with Spurs hasn't helped Roberto, either).   The problem is Daniel Levy isn't much of a negotiator--he sets a price and refuses to budge, and in Soldado's case, it's around €17m.   Hard to see Villarreal paying that, plus his salary is around €4m a year.

Turkish clubs Fenerbahce and Galatasaray were interested and according to one source Fener offered €10m, but Levy said no.

Other rumors: Fernando Daniel Belluschi (Bursaspor, currently): an attacking midfielder, has EU status.

Jonathan Rodriguez (Benfica, currently): sounds as though this would probably be a loan for a year.  he played in Benfica's B team after arriving from Penarol, is only 22.  As MArca says, he does fit the profile of players we like.