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El Madrigal: new pitch, and now a new name?

Announced in the local paper today, fans generally like the idea of some tie-in to the ceramics industry but would like to find a way to keep the El Madrigal name.

Presumably this won't change.
Presumably this won't change.

El Madrigal already has a brand-new pitch (getting a lot of attention from the Spanish press), now it may be getting a new name as well.  Sr. Roig has been talking with various ceramics firms in the Castellon area, the idea being the stadium would be renamed the "Ceramics Stadium", and various firms could display their tiles on the outside of the stadium.

No detailed plans or drawings available yet, but the idea is also to have some sort of exposition hall or display in the plaza by the ground.  Fans on twitter and other social media tend to understand the desire for the project (revenue, export promotion, etc.) but some would like to keep the El Madrigal name in some way.  (El Madrigal Estadio de la Ceramica, or some such).

The proposal would require the agreement of the local governmental authority (Ayuntamento de Vila-real) as it is they who actually own the ground, not the club.  The ground was originally known as the Campo del Villarreal when the ground was inaugurated in 1923, but the El Madrigal name has been used since 1925.

Incidentally, in case you've wondered why the club is referred to by the (Spanish) Villarreal CF while the town's official name is Vila-real (Valencian language), when Sr. Roig bought Villarreal CF in the late 1990's, one of the requirements of the deal was that the Villarreal CF name remain.  And of course now that the club is known worldwide as such, it would make little sense to change it.