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Jonathan dos Santos wins Gold Cup with México

Jonathan wins his first trophy with México as El Tri defeats Jamaica 3-1 in 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup final.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Villarreal's midfielder, Jonathan dos Santos, has won his first major honor with the Mexican national team after defeating Jamaica 3-1 in the Gold Cup final.

It has been a very strange tournament with very controversial decisions; such as the dubious and woeful refereeing of Mark Geiger in the semifinal between México and Panama. It might be a bit of a bittersweet taste for México in regard of the path they followed to reach the final. They are champions nonetheless.

Jonathan has earned praise as one of the best performers of´El Tri, being the leader in midfield and being the link in attack and defense. Jonathan played the entire match.

It was an evenly match with both teams making high pressure and not giving away any space. However, within the first 30 minutes, México managed to found a way to break Jamaica's defense after a sesantional strike from Guardado, who was giving México the lead.

During the second half México striked once again in the 47th minute with a cunning action from Jesus Manuel Corona, who stole the ball from a defender, he then eluded another defender and striked a powerful low shot that went into the bottom left corner. México was winning 2-0 at that time, and things were too difficult for Jamaica at that point.

México added a third goal in the 70th minute after a cross from Paul Aguilar was poorly handed by Jamaica's defense who left the ball loose for Peralta to score past Jamaica's goalkeeper, Ryan Thompson. At that point the match was almost over for Jamaica. They managed to pull one back in the 80th minute but it was not enough for the Reggae Boys.

México won it's 7th title not except from suspicion, nonetheless. The match against Panama stresses perfectly how El Tri won by a dubious referreing of Mark Geiger. It has been a controversial tournament for México.