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Villarreal-Everton friendly on August 2 will include Wayne Rooney

This match is a testimonial for Duncan Ferguson.

Ferguson in action in that 2005 match against Villarreal
Ferguson in action in that 2005 match against Villarreal
Phil Cole/Getty Images

Villarreal's friendly at Goodison Park against Everton on August 2 could be a bit more of a media circus than most friendlies.  First, there is the small matter of history--it was Duncan Ferguson's goal, after all, that Pierluigi Collina disallowed at El Madrigal in August 2005, which didn't decide the Champions League qualification tie, but Everton fans still rue it.  Defeat was especially bittersweet since after Liverpool's miracle victory in the CL the year before, the rules were changed to allow the defending CL champions a berth in the group stage, so Everton had to go into the qualifying round.  And of course, Liverpool and Everton.....

Ferguson has said he hopes to get onto the pitch for a bit in this match (it's his testimonial) but now there's news that Wayne Rooney, who came up in the Everton ranks, will also play. Again, it will be more of a celebratory run-out than anything else, but it should ensure that media coverage for this match is a bit more intense than for a "normal" friendly.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to see the YouTube video of the controversial call (and highlights from the match as a whole), here it is.   I had forgotten, but this was the famous Italian referee's last match; he resigned after it.  He did say that at the time, he called a foul on Marcus Bent, not Ferguson, but Everton fans seem convinced there was a "plot" to keep five English sides out of the CL, or something like that. (In the clip below, the commentator makes a statement to the effect that Collina first allowed the goal, then didn't.  That's clearly untrue; what you hear--while the corner kick is in the air--is his whistle as he blows for a perceived infringement, then he points forward to indicate Barbosa is entitled to take a free kick).

Interestingly enough, Mariano Barbosa, who was in the Villarreal goal that day, may again see some goalkeeping duties at this friendly, 10 years later.  But no Arteta free kicks, since he's with Arsenal.  And no Riquelme, Forlan or Senna....