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Villarreal making push to sign Denis Cheryshev

Though Rafa Benitez says he wants him, it's hard to imagine Chery getting lots of playing time in Madrid--and now they've signed another winger as well.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Today's EPM reports what many of us have expected all along--Villarreal is going to make a push to sign Denis Cheryshev from Real Madrid--permanently.

Denis played very well for Villarreal on the pitch, of course, but he's also endeared himself to the fanbase and evidently to Marcelino and the front office through his attitude and his happiness at being part of Villarreal.  As the article says, he has "gained the affection of the yellow fans" (se ha ganada la cariño de la afición grogueta).

Villarreal's original plan was to ask for another year's loan, but now the thought is to sign him permanently, though Real Madrid will demand a purchase option as they do with all the players they develop in their cantera.

Rafa Benitez may want Cheryshev, but with the BBC front line, Jese, and now Lucas Vasquez, how much time will Chery actually see if he remains in Madrid?  He's been open about wanting to play, though as he has also said, Madrid has his contract, so they have the final word.

Liverpool were also rumored to be interested in Chery, but those rumors have lessened of late.