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Nahuel scores insurance goal, Spain are European U-19 Champions!

Three Villarreal players--Rodrigo, Nahuel, and Alfonso Pedraza--were on the squad. Rodrigo and Pedraza started today, Nahuel came off the bench to score.

Pedraza, U-19 European Champion!
Pedraza, U-19 European Champion!
Maria José Segovia

Villarreal have three new European Champions tonight--Rodrigo, Nahuel Leiva, and Alfonso Pedraza!  The Spain U-19 national team defeated Russia in the final, 2-0.

I did not see the match, if someone did they should please cone on here and comment, but from the notes I have seen Pedraza, Rodrigo and Marco Asensio (former Mallorca, now Real Madrid, rumored we want him on loan) were the impressive stars.

Also interesting to note, no Barcelona players in this youth championship side.  When was the last time that happened?