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Dos Santos brothers are now restaurant owners: Cantina 10 in Barcelona

Villarreal USA's first restaurant article, I believe. Jonathan dos Santos and his brothers Giovani and Eder are investors in this place.

Our new restaurateur
Our new restaurateur
Villarreal CF twitter

As mentioned briefly awhile ago, Gio dos Santos tweeted there would be a new Mexican restaurant opening in Barcelona soon: "Cantina 10 by Dos Santos".

Now there is a youtube publicity video about it, and you can watch one of the chefs make a "drunken ceviche" with seafood, tomatoes, avocado, etc., served in a handled jar with a secret 'foam' at the top.  (This is Barcelona: you have to have foam in your food in order to be considered a 'serious' restaurant, folks).

Hope it works out.  If you know the city, the restaurant is just off the Avenida Diagonal, round the corner from the Zara store.  Has to be pretty expensive rent, I'd think.  The interior looks trendy in a modernistic, minimalist sort of way, hopefully the food is good (I expect the brothers are putting money and name on it, but I'm sure there is some sort of restaurant group responsible for the design, marketing, and operation of the thing).

If anyone happens to visit Barcelona and decides to visit this place, let us know how it is!