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Villarreal continue to make (and save) money--now need to spend it

A summer of transfers....

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Vietto, Gio, Uche, Aquino, Juan Carlos and Dorado gone; Samu Garcia, Castillejo, and Ruiz (permanently) in.  Various figures as to what our net profit on all these deals is--I've seen all sorts of numbers kicked around for the two Samus' purchases, Gio's departure and Aquino's sale.

Transfermarkt has us making €17m profit from all this; that's accepting the €16m figure for the Malaga deal, though, which other sources have said was high, and they have Gio at €7m when I'm hearing €9m.  So let's just say somewhere between €17m and €24m, and we made €8m profit form the sale of Gabriel and purchase of Eric Bailly.

Unfortunately, given the money EPL clubs have available, having a transfer kitty of €25-30m doesn't buy as much as it did.  But there is still a month-and-a-half before the transfer window shuts.

Don't forget too we have saved €7.5m in salary (and that's not counting any reduction in Ruiz's salary compared to his Valencia contract); I doubt the additions have gobbled up a lot of that.

Current situation:

Keeper: Areola (on loan for the year) until Asenjo returns; Barbosa as a backup, Aitor also available.   No need there.

Centerbacks:  Eric Bailly, Victor Ruiz look to be the the duo until Mateo Musacchio returns.  Alexsandar Pantic and Pablo Iñiguez are also on the roster at the moment, but one, at least, is likely to be loaned out.  I still think we could for someone like Marc Valiente, especially since we have so many matches in September and October--a third healthy CB with a lot of experience would be good.

Fullbacks: Jaume Costa, Bojan Jokic, Adrian Marin (left); Mario Gaspar, Antonio Rukavina (right).  Fine.

Doble Pivote: Bruno, Trigueros, Tomas Pina, Jonathan dos Santos.  That seems good too.

Now we get to the problems....

Wingers/attacking midfielders:  Samu Castillejo (left wing), Samu Garcia (right wing), Javier Espinosa (can play any midfield position).  Cani, but he's surely not staying (left wing).

Obviously we'd love to pry Cheryshev back from Madrid again, but if that doesn't happen, we're looking awfully thin here. Regardless, we need two players, one of whom could be Chery.

Strikers: Leo Baptiståo, and....Gerard Moreno, at least right now; and, technically, Jony Pereira, but I cannot believe he has a future here.    A player like Roberto Soldado would be a huge gamble; I keep wondering about Jonathan Soriano, who would be cheaper in salary and easier to obtain, with no Daniel Levy involved!  And then there is Jonathas....he would be a great acquisition.

Finally, here's an "outside-the-box" suggestion: go for foreign players currently playing in Greece.  With the economic situation there, I'm sure players will be receptive to offers.  What about Jerónimo Barrales?  28 years old, from Argentina, 12 goals for Huracan in Argentina two years ago, 17 goals for Asteras Tripolis last season.  Not saying he would become a first choice, but he (or players like him) ought to be cheap and could add needed depth up front.

Villarreal begin their preseason friendlies this week, and obviously there will be some personnel decisions made as we move along.  How do you think we'll invest our profits?