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LA Times reports Galaxy have signed Gio--CONFIRMED

Transfer fee unknown, but Villarreal "asked for over $7m (~€6.5m) anyway.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

The LA Times, the Left Coast's "newspaper of record" reports Giovani dos Santos has signed with the LA Galaxy.  His salary "isn't higher than the $6m/year Steven Gerrard is receiving" but could well be close to that.  Transfer fee isn't known, but "Villarreal asked for a fee of at least $7m" according to this.

Gio had a great 2013-14 in yellow, a poor 2014-15, and while I'd prefer to have seen us get something more like €10m for him, most pundits and fans thought his brother had a better season, by far.  Maybe part of it was injury, and with Vietto gone maybe Gio could have been our go-to guy again, but it's not to be.

This is a big move for the Galaxy--Gio is a very recognizable part of the Mexican NT and there is of course a HUGE potential fanbase for the Galaxy in LA when you consider the Mexicans who have moved across the border (and the next generation).

We'll remember this: