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Marcelino hoping for Chery, plans to keep Jona; practices begin

Villarreal began practices today, and afterward Marcelino addressed the press.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Practices began at Villarreal today; Cani wasn't there (the excuse being Atletic has until July 115th to exercise some option on his contract, we all know that is not happening) and Jona and Gio dos Santos are away at the Gold Cup.

Marcelino said (you can watch in Spanish here)we are going to try every avenue to bring Cheryshev back, whether by loan or permanently; there have been reports that Liverpool's interest wasn't real so maybe we can work out something with Real Madrid, once they have finished saying goodbye to Iker Casillas.   It is not 100% that Gio is leaving, but likely; he said nothing as far as I can tell about Gerard Moreno; he did say we plan to have Jona dos Santos in the squad.

He also said competing for the CL will be tough with the likes of Sevilla, Valencia and Atletico, but all we can do is our best.