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Villarreal's "new" kit released!

Minimal change from 2014-15 as far as the first kit is concerned, but the second is a much different blue than before.

Villarreal today announced (rather quietly) our kit for the new season.  What a surprise, we are all in yellow yet again, with Pamesa Ceramica as the sponsor, in the same font you either love or find incredibly childish (I love it, personally).  Xtep is still the maker, and the only real difference I can easily see is the neckline--it also might be the sponsor logo is in black or a darker blue than before.

The second kit is interesting, and we will actually get to wear it in the Primera this season thanks to Las Palmas's promotion.  It is a turquoisey blue, not the dark blue of recent years.   The keeper kit is purple.

If you want to see the complete range (including the training tops and the polo shirts the players wear frequently) check out the "Mas fotos" link on the official site's article:

So far, reaction on social media has been mixed--people wanting more of a change in the first kit, and the striped polo shirt definitely dividing opinion.  What do you think?