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June 7th Villarreal news: Team off for vacations, Moi to go on loan?, Ruiz and Chechu to stay?

Vacations have officially began for the first team. They'll be back next month on July 10th. The club is considering a loan for Moi and a permanent move for Víctor Ruiz. Pantic has gathered the interest of two teams.

Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images

The Yellow Submarine have very deservedly earned a period of vacations after their magnificent season, and after having visited exotic Australian lands. Villarreal players will have over one month to relax and rest with their families, and they will be returning next month on July 10th for pre-season duties ahead of next season.

As for rumors go, the club is considering a loan move for Moi Gómez. The coaching staff have hopes for Moi to go on loan in order to gain more experience and return as a more improved player to contribute for the Yellow cause. As we all are aware, Moi is one of the most promising players of the first team currently, and that's why the club considers it would be a good idea for him to land him to a team in Primera that can guarantee him more minutes than last season with Villarreal.

Among the clubs that have gather an interested in landing Moi, are principally Segunda B teams with the aspirations of being promoted. The teams in questions are: Real Valladolid, Girona and Sporting de Gijón. Moi himself, does not rule out that possibility, nor does he dislikes the idea of going on loan.

That begs the question obviously since Moi is our only natural winger that is actually a Villarreal player. It doesn't make much sense for us to send him away. Otherwise, we'll run out of options for next season.

As for Víctor Ruiz, the management is still negotiating with Valencia. Of course, Marcelino wants Ruiz to stay and Ruiz himself wants to stay. The club is negotiating to lower the 4M clause for Ruiz. Obviously, Ruiz will also have to take quite a big pay-cut as the club can't afford to pay his current wages.

Also, it seems Chechu could stay for another season. Given that Musacchio won't be returning any time soon, and due the inexperience of Bailly, Marcelino would prefer someone experienced for next season. That's how Chechu's experience and professionalism comes into play. Marcelino knows he can rely on him. As of now, neither the club nor Chechu have taken a final decision over his future.

In addition, Pantic has gathered interested from Rayo Vallecano and Espanyol. We all know Rayo's players never stay for more than one season, and so, Jemez is already in the look for replacements. Apparently Pantic fits the bill for Jemez, as he considers him a fast defender, who can control the ball from the back, and thinks Pantic would fit Rayo's style.

Espanyol are also said to be interested in Pantic. Diego Colotto is set to leave the Parakeets, and there's always the possibility of selling Héctor Moreno, who's Espanyol most priciest asset in defense. Therefore, Espanyol will be looking for signings to strengthen their defense and they are considering in making a move for Pantic.

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