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Today's rumor mill: Perrotti, two Samus from Malaga

And some thoughts on our loanees.

At present, Moi is our only winger
At present, Moi is our only winger
Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Victor Franch writes today in Marca that Villarreal is unlikely to bring back very many, if any, of the players loaned out last season, as they have not done much with their clubs this season.  Here's the rundown:

Cani: has hardly played at Atleti, and clearly he and Marcelino are not going to work together

Javier Aquino: did not impress at Rayo (rumor is he may go back to Mexico, playing for Tigres)

Jony Pereira: did nothing in Primera with Rayo, has had some success in the Segunda with Valladolid, but three of his five goals came in the same match

Alexsandar Pantic: played as a regular centerback for Cordoba, but given they had the worst defense in the league and were spectacularly uncompetitive most of the season, is that a vote of confidence?

Pablo Iñiguez: Girona is on the brink of promotion to the Primera, yes, but our man has hardly played (just over 500 minutes all season).

Javier Espinosa: He didn't get a lot of playing time either, but once Almeria changed coaches he did see some time and was moderately impressive, though that's about the best you could say.

So where does that leave us?  The first three seem very unlikely to return; Franch seems to think Pantic and Iniguez could get loaned again (this would appear more likely if Chechu Dorado comes back, as a recent EPM story suggested he might after all); and maybe--maybe--Espinosa could return.

But at the same time, we seem to be going after wingers.  Franch mentions ex-Sevilla man Diego Perotti, currently at Genoa, as being a player we're trying to get.   And, EPM reports we are negotiating with Malaga (who need money, apparently) for the transfer of Samu Garcia and Samu Castillejo.  Doubtful we would get both, but maybe one?

As far as players we have had on loan, I've seen nothing to indicate we have any interest in having Joel Campbell back, nor anything to indicate Arsenal want to loan him here again.  David Moyes is a fan of his and apparently has inquired about bringing him to Real Sociedad, but there have been reports in the English media Wenger is willing to give up on him and sell him for about €10m.

And we do of course want Cheryshev, but no new news on that front.  Benitez is settling in at Madrid though so we may know more about that soon.

The moves out of players like Cani, Uche (still negotiating with Tigres, as far as we know), Jony and Aquino, should they happen, will free up some salary but won't generate a lot of transfer fees--€5m maybe?  Perotti would cost that.  So bringing in other players like Chery permanently or one of the Samus would appear to depend on how much money we have left over from the Gabriel-Eric Bailly swop, and how much profit we actually turned this season (we budgeted for even, but probably did a bit better due to the Europa League).