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We have the winners!!

Remember back when we had our predict-how-we'll do questions this season? We haven't forgotten. Here are the results.

No, you don't get one of these. Sorry.  A scarf.  And a pin. OK?
No, you don't get one of these. Sorry. A scarf. And a pin. OK?
Allen Dodson

Most of you have probably already forgotten, but we did indeed have a competition this year.  The questions were in this article, and a number of you responded.

I developed a highly statistical-based algorithm to figure out the winners.  Well, not really; what I did was pour a glass of wine and come up with this.  Basically I gave 5 points if you got Villarreal's 60 points correct, and subtracted a point for every two points you were off; for league place, I gave 3 points if correct, subtracted one for each place wrong, and so on.

Anyway, it turned out that there were three people who came in ahead of the rest (we were all pretty clustered because of the obvious fact Atleti, Barca and Madrid were going to take CL places).  Only one of us got Luciano Vietto as our leading scorer, incidentally.

So, there are three prizes, scarves Alisa and I picked up at the club shop in late March.  Step forward Bill Lumbergh, klassikmike, and Meintz.  If you'll send me your address details , I will get these off to you (together with a Villarreal pin which you can wear in your lapel on those nattily-dressed days).  Send those to and put "Villarreal USA contest" in the subject line, please.

We will try to come up with some more contests this year (in addition to an updated version of this one).