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Welcome, Samuel Garcia!

The two homegrown Malaga players signed five-year contracts yesterday. We'll give you a post on each.

Paul Kane/Getty Images

Here is a little more about each of these two players.

Samuel Garcia Sanchez: Turns 25 in July.  He usually plays on the right wing, though he can play on the left, or even as a center forward if need be.  (His favored foot is his right).  When aged only 14, he was signed by Chelsea and apparently impressed Jose Mourinho, but was homesick and came home after three months.  He ended up playing senior football with a couple of Tercera clubs, and signed with Malaga in 2010.  He spent three years with their B team, was promoted to the first team in 2013.

Word is we paid around €6m for him, his release clause is rumored to be €30m (Villarreal typically does not comment on such things)