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Problems with Uche move? Massimo Bruno (Red Bull Salzburg) to Villarreal?

Another fun day at the rumor mill.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Ike Uche's move to Tigres is in some doubt, or at least that's one version of reality going around.  The official version from the Mexican club states Uche arrived yesterday and passed the "medical control" yesterday, today is the "physical control", with the reason it is spread over two days being Uche was tired from the long plane ride from Nigeria.

The unofficial version, reported by the Blau i Groc blog, is that the physical tests discivered a problem with one of his knees and he is having an MRI on it; the results of that test obviously crucial to whether the move goes ahead or not.

And, we have another rumor, another young attacking midfielder, in this case Massimo Bruno, of Red Bull Salzburg.  He's only 20, can play on either wing as well as in center of midfield.  Quite apart from the obvious deliciousness of having a doble pivote made up of Bruno (last name) and Bruno (first name), he's exactly the sort of young player we like.  According to transfermarkt, he's actually on the books of Red Bull Leipzig (German second division), but was loaned to Salzburg; he was purchased from Andelecht for something like €3.5-4m in 2014.

Meanwhile, all indications are the two Samus have passed their physicals, so we expect official announcements of those signings, and the Areola one is apparently only waiting on some contract details to become official.More when we have it!