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Villarreal, close to signing the two "Samus"? Latest rumors

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Malaga needs money. How times change from summer 2011 when we sold them Santi Cazorla for cash on the nail.

Sergio Camacho/Getty Images

Word is Villarreal are very close to signing Samu Garcia and Samu Castillejo from Malaga--this source is reprinting a Marca article that says somewhere in the neighborhood of €12m for both.

We are also interested in Jonathas, along with a lot of other clubs.

Leo Bapistao is apparently coming here on loan with a purchase option from Atleti--that's the other side of the Vietto deal, which is done except that Atleti has to worry about sanctions.

I have also seen a rumor we are talking to Man Utd about picking up Chicharito on loan--I doubt it!