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Juvenil A reaches the final of Copa de Campeones!

Villarreal defeats Rayo Vallecano 1-0 with a lone goal by Simón Moreno and advances to the final of the Copa de Campeones that will be played on Saturday. In addition, The Cadete A wins their division.

Maria Jose Segovia

The Juvenil A is on the brink of winning another trophy this Saturday when they face Espanyol in the final of the Copa de Campeones after defeating Rayo Vallecano in the semifinals.

The Young Submarine had the best chances against a very orderly Rayo Vallecano, who made their way into the prestigious Copa de Campeones after being crowned champions of Group V of the Juvenil division, finishing ahead of teams such as Real Madrid, Atlético and Getafe. Rayo was by no means an easy rival.

The match was decided by lonely goal scored by Simón Moreno, (youngest sibling of former Villarreal academy, Joselu) in the 75th minute. Beli attempted a cross that was deflected with Rayo's GK Javi Ruiz. Simón was very attentive and headed the ball in after it bounced off the GK. A helpless Rayo defender Poblete, tried to clear the ball off the line, he got injured afterwards, but it was already in the back of the net.

Villarreal will now play the final of the Copa de Campeones against Espanyol since the Parakeets eliminated Real Madrid 2-1. It is worth mentioning Villarreal and Espanyol will relive the final that was played in the 2007-2008, and was won by Espanyol 2-1. Villarreal will get its rematch against the Parakeets.

Line ups:

Rayo Vallecano: Javi Ruiz; Rubén Quirós, Nicolás, Poblete (Pajuelo, m. 79), Aki; Juan David, Clavería, Pep, Jorge;

Raúl Uche (Francisco, m. 69) y Jonathan (Stephan, m. 83).

Villarreal CF: Ximo; Miguelón, Mathi, Maxi, Javi Jiménez; Chuca (Beli, m. 71), Cassano, Rodri, Alfonso (Chepe, m.

89); Simón (Pibe, m. 84) y Mario.

You can watch the full game here:

Cadete A crowned champions

Double happiness for the Cantera Grogueta. In addition to the Juvenil A who reached the final of the Copa de Campeones, Villarreal Cadete A have been crown champions of the Liga Autonómica after drawing against Torre Levante 1-1 at their home ground. The team led by Pepe Alcaide needed only one point to win the division title and they did so after a goal scored by Antonio Lara in the 58th minute.

With the title obtained by the Cadete A, it has now been 5 Villarreal cantera clubs that have won their respective divisions: Juvenil A, Infantil B, Benjamín D, Femenino Infantil Cadete A and ahora el Cadete A. Truly impressive.

Congratulations to the Cadete A for a very deserved title,and hopefully the Juvenil A adds another trophy for the Cantera Grogueta when they face Espanyol.

Endavant Villarreal!.