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Juvenil A advances to the semifinals of Copa de Campeones !

Villarreal Juvenil A defeats Real Sociedad 3-1 in a very intense match and advances to the semifinal of Copa de Campeones where they will be facing Rayo Vallecano.

Maria Jose Segovia.

The Juvenil A played against their counterpart of Real Sociedad for the quarter-finals of the Copa de Campeones that takes part in Almuñécar (Granada) given that the txuri-urdin won their division just like Villarreal did. It was a very intense match and both teams had to reach into extra time to define the winner.

La Real went ahead on the scoreboard very early in the 5th minute after the ref awarded the txuri-urdin a FK for a foul commited by Villarreal Argentine defender, Maxi Rosales. It seem like a fair aerial change to me but since the player for La Real fell to the ground, the ref gave the free-kick, which was superb taken by the Donostia player, Oier Calvillo, beating Villarreal GK, Joan Femenías.

Villarreal found themselves in a difficult situation but they had the temper and patience to turn the match around. They created countless chances led by a very incisive Simón Moreno. The tying goal arrived just before half time. It was during the 4oth minute when Beli made a through ball for Iván Cassano, and the young #6 submarine generous as always, ceded the ball to Mario González, who just only had to push the ball into the back of the net.

It was pretty much the same tonic during the second half. Villarreal dominated the game and kept creating chances. Javi Calleja made some chances and brought in winger Alfonso Pedraza, Minnesotan striker Akale, Paraguayan forward Pibe Méndez, Uruguayan born defender Mathi Rodríguez, and Catalan left back Roger Escoruela. Both teams had to venture into extra time to define the victor. It was USA winger Akale who broke the deadlock after a counter attack and a superb solo sprint by Mario, who assisted the young Minnesotan, who just like the first goal, he only had to push the ball into the back of the net. Villarreal sealed the victory two minutes the final whistle. Mario rounded up a great night after a superb run by Pibe, who assisted the Burgos native. Mario controlled the ball in the box with his right foot and struck the ball with his left to make it 3-1 for Villarreal.

Villarreal reached the semifinals of the Copa de Campeones where they will be facing Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday, who defeated Málaga 1-0.

Line ups:

Villarreal CF: Joan; Miguelón, Genís (Mathi, m. 81), Maxi, Javi Jiménez (Roger, m. 89); Chuca (Alfonso, m. 60), Cassano, Rodri, Beli (Akale, m. 71); Simón (Pibe, m. 79) y Mario.

Real Sociedad: Garrantxo, Eguiluz (Orbegozo, m. 102), Torre, Pecharroman (Ander Sáenz, m. 83), Cayetano, Arrue (Sanz, m. 29), Zubeldia, Calvillo, Guevara (Cardenas, m. 70), Muñoz y Oyarzabal.

Goals: 0-1. Min. 4: Calvillo. 1-1. Min. 40: Mario. 2-1. Min. 100: Akale. 3-1. Min. 118: Mario.

You can watch the full game here: