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May 31 Villarreal news: First team in Brisbane, Juvenil A fall to Madrid, Uche and Vietto news

The first team seems to be enjoying Australia (who wouldn't?) but the Juvenil A squad fell at home to Real Madrid.

Villarreal's Australian trip continues, with the squad now having left Adelaide for Brisbane, where they play the Brisbane Roar on Wednesday before flying back home.  It's been a very relaxing time in the capital of South Australia--the Submarine players watched current champions Fremantle defeat the Adelaide Crows in an Australian Rules match, and most recently visited a national park and saw the requisite koalas, kangaroos and such!

Meanwhile, the Juvenil A squad hit a bump in their quarterfinal pairing against Real Madrid, going down 1-0 today in the home leg of their two-legged tie. Hopefully they can storm back and advance to the semifinals.

No official confirmation yet, but Ike Uche is apparently moving to Tigres.  More details, and an appreciation of Uche's time in yellow, when we get official word.

Luciano Vietto rumors: he told Radio Vila-real something to the effect that he was not focusing on all the rumors (and his falloff in production in the last month and ha half was due to a back problem, not thinking about his future), but also said 'if Atleti come in and pay €20m (the release clause), we all win' or something to that effect.  Now of course such a statement has several possible interpretations, and it's not clear what he meant to say (or didn't mean to say) but that was enough to set the English press aflame with statements that "Liverpool and Arsenal target says, come get me" or words to that effect.  What fun.

Finally, best wishes to Toni Villuendas, a player with  'affilated side' CD Roda's Juvenil C squad, who is moving to the USA to attend school and play soccer (he's gonna have to learn to call it that, heh) at Oakland University in Michigan.  Play hard, study hard!