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Today's rumors: Vietto, Gerard, Uche...but the big news is the FBI and FIFA

Villarreal strikers are in demand, aren't they?

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Vietto: Villarreal have told Atleti we want €20m, not a euro less (that's his current release clause).  Guess we aren't having any success negotiating a new contract, or it hasn't been signed yet if we have.

Uche: He is apparently in Mexico negotiating with Tigres--who incidentally won their Copa Libertadores tie last night vs Emelec to move into the final four.  Word is he will be announced as the 'bomba' signing today assuming all is agreed upon.

Gerard Moreno: According to English papers, Arsenal are interested in him.  Apparently his current buyout clause is only €3m, not surprising since this was his first season in the Primera.  We're going to have to up all our release clauses in light of the EPL clubs' ability to spend, it seems to me.

But the big news of the day is the indictment of nine FIFA executives for racketeering charges here in the US.  You can read the indictment here--it's pretty strong stuff.   Our SBN soccer folks have this story explaining what has happened, what might happen, and FIFA's reaction (Sepp Blatter is said to be 'relaxed').   There's a Guardian live blog here, which has some excellent updates.   Note that Spain's rep Villar is among those the Swiss authorities will be questioning.

Don't forget, it's Sevilla v Dnipro in the Europa league Final today.   A win for Sevilla would get them into the CL; they certain;y deserve it.  Vamos nervionenses!  (even if you did knock us out of the competition).