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Cheryshev among those making Australia trip

Not sure one should read anything into that, but presumably he thinks he's well enough to play, or the club does.

Cheryshev, and some other guy....
Cheryshev, and some other guy....
David Ramos/Getty Images

The squad going to Australia is:

  • Keepers: Juan Carlos (25) y Aitor Fernández (31).
  • Defenders: Mario (2), Rukavina (22), Jaume Costa (18), Víctor Ruiz (15), Dorado (16) y Tano (27).
  • Midfielders: Bruno (21), Pina (4), Trigueros (14), Jonathan dos Santos (6), Sergio Marcos (26), Cheryshev (17) y Moi Gómez (19).
  • Strikers: Gerard (23), Vietto (7) y Giovani (9).

Eric Bailly and Ike Uche are not included, presumably due to injury; Tano Bonin is called up from the B team.  Cheryshev returns to the squad for the first time since the Cordoba match.

The team plays Adelaide United and Brisbane Roar on this trip, and also will take part in various promotional activities, including attending an Aussie Rules football match in Adelaide, which should be enlightening.  Sr. Roig Negueroles, who is fluent in English, is leading the group.

This is part of the LFP World Challenge; who knows, maybe next year Villarreal might come to the US?  We can hope!