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May 26 news: Rumors, B team news, Del Bosque ignores Villarreal again, Vietto honored

As the club departs for Australia, news on various fronts.

Uche on his way to Mexico?
Uche on his way to Mexico?
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Rumor: Ike Uche to Tigres.  I think that has been rumored before, nothing concrete so no idea if there is anything to it.  We know them of course form the Espericueta loan (and they had Marco Ruben on loan last year from Kyiv, sort of a tangential relationship).  Makes some sense, I don't see him staying around to be honest.

B team news: David Cubillas has been released by Villarreal --he's from Castellon, so thought is he may go there.  He had sis goals for the b team last year.  Albert Blazquez (right back) is apparently also being released.  Felipe Alfonso, meanwhile, has renewed his contract for two more years so looks likely to take over that position permanently.

Spain National team: del Bosque has discovered Sevilla (both Vitolo and Aleix Vidal get places) but no place for Super Mario Gaspar or Bruno Soriano, instead Mikel San Jose and Marc Bartra??   Please.  The team plays a friendly against Costa Rica June 11, then play in Belarus June 14 in a Euro 2016 qualifying match.

Luciano Vietto news and rumor: News is UEFA included him on the "Revelation Team" of La Liga 2014-15.  The complete team is: Sergio Álvarez (Celta de Vigo), Rosales (Málaga), Mustafi (Valencia), Tremoulinas (Sevilla), Giménez (Atlético de Madrid), Aleix Vidal (Sevilla), Kroos (Real Madrid), Kakuta (Rayo Vallecano), Luis Suárez (Barcelona) and Jonathas (Elche).

That's a pretty good group, I am not understanding how Gaya didn't make it though??  And you'll notice the criterion is obviously not having played in La Liga before (or much) because Luis Suarez and Toni Kroos are hardly unknowns!

Now the rumor, which is Atleti is offloading Manduzic and with that money will buy Vietto.  I doubt it somehow.  Manduzic fits their strategy pretty well.

Finally, unless you've been under a rock the last day or so, you know Real Madrid fired Ancelotti.  After all , the poor man only won 75% of his matches and won La Decima for them.  The players and fans wanted him kept, this interview he gave when he was in his first season at Madrid might explain why.  It's worth a read. (and it has a great description of how coaches are fired in Spain). Enjoy!