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Aleix Garcia and Anton Shvets receive callups for Athletic match

Our injury list remains long!

Maria José Segovia

Here's the team call for the Athletic match:

  • Keepers: Juan Carlos, Aitor (#31).
  • Defenders: Mario, Jaume Costa, Jokic, Dorado, Eric Bailly, Rukavina y Víctor Ruiz.
  • Midfielders: Trigueros, Moi Gómez, Campbell, Bruno, Sergio Marcos (26), Aleix García (60) y Anton Shvets (64).
  • Strikers: Gerard y Fran Sol (43).

UPDATE--The Competition Committee took away Rukavina's yellow card (it was a ridiculous one) so he has replaced Tomas Pina in the call originally listed on the team website and published here.

Well, defense looks fairly OK--I wasn't expecting Eric to make it, but he did, though we may have Ruiz and Dorado as we did last week.  I would prefer Eric to be banging bodies with Aduriz, though.

Jona drops out due to injury, so we are dos Santos-less.  Lots of options for Marcelino here, the main one being who plays on the wings?  Moi? Campbell? Trigueros? Jaume Costa? Others?  And does Campbell play as second striker with Gerard, or Trigueros, or Fran Sol?

The match is unimportant for our final position, but it IS important for Athletic Club.  If they win, they finish seventh and qualify for Europe regardless of the Copa del Rey result.  If they lose, Malaga could pass them for seventh and that last European place, and/or Rayo and Espanyol could draw level on points (and I believe Espanyol would win the tiebreaker in that case).