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Clarification: Eighth-placed Spanish team will NOT qualify for Europe

Thanks to one of our readers, who picked up an error in my earlier article.

In late April I published an article looking at Spain's places in the Champions League and Europa League, and while I explained most of the convoluted details reasonably well, one of our readers has pointed out a mistake, one which fortunately doesn't affect Villarreal now.

In the article I stated the eighth-placed team in La Liga could qualify for the Europa League if Barca won the cup and Sevilla won the Champions league, but that isn't so.  UEFA explained that what would occur in such a case is that Spain would have five entries in the CL, but only two in the EL.   I have to say it would be more logical to my mind to give the eighth-placed team a spot so that Spain would have three EL entries, but that is definitely NOT what UEFA said would happen!

The only way Spain could get eight teams into Europe would be if the team winning the CL or EL was not finishing in the top seven of La Liga.   Obviously, that is not happening.

So, from a Villarreal fan's perspective, what still remains important is whether Barcelona wins the Copa or not.   If they do, then Villarreal will go into the group stage directly.

Should Athletic Club win the cup, then Sevilla's position and whether they win the EL this season may come into play as far as the allocation of EL group stage spots, but we can explore that if we need to.

And remember, it's all going to change next year again, as UEFA is finally doing away with the Fair Play 'extra spots' for the EL and doubtless will make yet more tweaks!

Thanks to Antonio Russo for sending me a copy of the MARCA article and a nice email!