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Sr. Llaneza: Villarreal want Cheryshev for another year

In an interview this evening, our senior Vice President had much to say.

Maria José Segovia

Sr. Llaneza was interviewed this evening and a number of his quotes made it onto twitter.  For those of you who don't know, he has been Sr. Roig's right-hand man for many years, and though Sr. Roig Neguroles, the presi's son, is taking the major role in running the club these days, Sr.Laneza has recovered nicely from heart surgery and is still very much involved in the day to day workings of the club.  And, as always with this sort of thing, you can figure he's speaking for Sr. Roig and the club.  So, here were the takeaways:

(1) Llaneza said Marcelino was perhaps the best coach we've had.  Pellegrini, yes, great, but Marcelino is really committed to the cantera as well as the first team (remember, we didn't even have a B team until 1999, so Pellegrini was really working with the first team and little else).

(2) We want to have Denis Cheryshev on loan for another season--he is 'a phenomenon'  and Villarreal will make 'an effort' to get that done but the outcome is uncertain.  We also hope to sign Victor Ruiz permanently.  Joel Campbell, 'it's really not up to us, but to Arsenal' which I interpret as a 'we're not really concerned one way or the other'.

(3) We're not wanting to keep a player who wants to go, and we don't want to create unaffordable budgets.  But at the moment, we have no offers.  Luciano Vietto has four more years on his contract.

(4) Money for  Mateo Musacchio was a possibility, but now we have a great central defender for next year.

(5) The budget of €55m this season included €8m for the cantera (everything below the first team) and we forecast it growing next season.

(6) Sr. Llaneza put it well: "When we went down, many people thought it was the end.  And when we made it back up, they thought it was a fad.  But we are a reality" (my emphasis)