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Rumor: ex-Osasuna keeper to join Villarreal?

Remember, he was about ready to join us before the Osasuna presi said no, and then we went for Asenjo instead.

David Ramos/Getty Images

El Gol Digital is reporting Villarreal is interested in signing Andrés Fernandez from Porto, where he's played only four matches this season.

Remember, Andres had a great campaign with Osasuna a couple of seasons ago and Villarreal tried to sign him then, only for Osasuna to decide not to do it at the last minute.  We went for Asenjo at that point, and Andres had a pretty poor season with Osasuna and they were relegated.  The Pamplona side sold him to Porto for €1.6m but he's hardly played.

Why it makes sense:  Asenjo is out and we don't think Juan Carlos is a starting keeper week in, week out.  And Aitor is untested.  Andrés is only 28, and we clearly wanted him a couple of years ago.

Why it doesn't: Porto slapped a huge buyout clause on him, but he's hardly played.  And he made a few howlers when last with Osasuna.  Also, we don't have a close relationship with Porto, so negotiations might be difficult.  I'd rather see us go for Ochoa if at all possible.