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Villarreal defeats Sevilla 3-0 in the Copa del Rey Juvenil

The Juvenil A got off to a great start after defeating Sevilla 3-0 in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey Juvenil at the Mini Estadi.

Maria Jose Segovia.

After winning the División de Honor and the Copa de Campeones and subsequently sealing their ticket to the UEFA Youth League, the Juvenil A is looking to end their successful campaign season by winning the Copa del Rey Juvenil and accomplish the unparalleled feature of winning a possible treble. Doing so will cement Villarreal Juvenil A as one the best all time U-19 teams in Spain.

Villarreal Juvenil A started their Copa del Rey campaign by trashing current title holders Sevilla, 3-0. That three goal lead advantage leaves Villarreal in a very comfortable position for when they meet in the second leg.

The match started out in a well manner for Villarreal as it has been usual with this Juvenil A team. It was very early in the 11th minute when the Juvenil A opened the score after Álvaro Belizón "Beli" draw a foul, and subsequently delivered a free kick that was headed home by Rodri Hernández who was alone in the box. After the first goal, the match was evenly balanced, having been Villarreal who controlled the tempo of the game. Sevilla failed to disquiet Ximo's goal. Near the end of the second half, it was Villarreal who struck again after a nice two-touch between Mario and Simón, the ball got to Cassano who blasted it into the top corner to make it 2-0 for Villarreal.

The second half began with Villarreal once again knocking Sevilla's doors. Mario had great chance to increase the lead after a great linking up with Alfonso Pedraza, but his shot hit the post and went off. That was the prelude for the third goal. During the 71st minute, Alfonso Pedraza made a precise cross with his left foot, and Simón sent it into the back of the net to make it 3-0 for Villarreal.

Javi Calleja introduced some changes. He brought Chuca (Beli, '64), Pibe ( Mario, 70), Guinot (Genís, 75), Akale and(Simón, '78).  With a three goal disadvantage, Sevilla brought their lines forward in hopes of a goal but eventually failed to materialize their chances.

With this victory, the Juvenil A is in route to qualify for the semifinals.


Ficha técnica:

Villarreal CF: Ximo; Miguelón, Genís (Guinot, m. 75), Mathi, Javi Jiménez; Beli (Chuca, m. 64), Rodri, Cassano, Alfonso; Simón (Akale, m. 78), Mario (Pibe, m. 70).

Sevilla FC: Juan Soriano; Sedeño (Corriente, m. 90), Genaro (Álvaro, m. 72), Rafa, Neva; Mena (Vicente, m. 85), Trabazo (Víctor, m. 58), Yan Brice, Cera; Zelu, Gonzalo.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 11: Rodri. 2-0. Min. 44: Cassano. 3-0. Min. 71: Simón.el

You can relive the full match here: