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Another strong season for Villarreal: an (almost) end-of-year summary

Another year in Europe for the Yellow Submarine. Not bad for a team that had never been in the Primera until 1998!

Maria José Segovia

Regardless of whether there's a strike (I certainly hope not) there's an end-of-season feeling around after today's win.  Marcelino gave the players three days off--they resume training on Thursday--and now our three top teams know what they'll be facing next season.

Villarreal will finish sixth in La Liga for the second year in a row, and will play in the Europa League for the second consecutive season.  It's now 10 years in 15 that the Submarine will have played in Europe--an excellent record.   And let's not forget we made it to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey for the first time in our history before bowing out to Barcelona.

Villarreal B has had an up-and-down season, but looks likely to finish somewhere around the middle of the pack in their Segunda B group, similar to last campaign.  Considering in 1999 the B team was in the second regional division, we can't complain, but it would be great to get back to the Segunda.  (They drew 1-1 with Olot today).

Villarreal C has had a fine campaign.  They'll finish somewhere in the top nine, and were in the promotion places until this week.  Since they can't play in the playoffs anyhow (since they can't be in the same division as B) the last few matches have been meaningless.  (Levante's B team defeated them 4-1 today).

Next season, we could have a Castellón-Villarreal B derby, as our neighbors will finish top of the group.  The 18 group winners are drawn against each other and the nine winners of those matches are promoted to the Segunda B, so they're almost there.

And, Barca B could be relegated to the Segunda B, so we'd have a B-B matchup if that happens.  It's not looking good for them, as they are six points from safety with five matches remaining.  THey have won exactly once since the beginning of February.  Still, there may be some "administrative relegations" from the Segunda, so relegation might not be totally decided on the pitch.

The Juvenil A is of course the toast of the town after winning not only their league but the Champions' Cup in  amazing fashion.  It was great to see them honored today before the Elche match.

Plenty of time to debate who's coming and who's going, what next year's team will look like, and so forth, but for now, just celebrate another year in the Primera and another year in Europe.   Neither is a prize that should be overlooked.  Endavant!!