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Transfer rumors: it's Luciano Vietto, all the time!

We might as well collect the latest rumors about Lucky Luciano!

Maria José Segovia

So, here's the latest round of rumors/gossip, with my opinion as to their veracity and likelihood of happening.

Villarreal want to extend Luciano's contract with a higher release clause (Javi Mata, AS): this is surely true, but will it happen?  I suppose the real question is whether Luciano (and his agent) think that (a) an offer will come in from another club that Villarreal would accept; (b) would Vietto become a first-team starter, or would he sit on the bench, get loaned out, etc.?  Likelihood of happening: I'll say medium.

Now for the fun stuff:

(1) Barcelona are going to sign him.  Vietto praised Messi and said "it would be a dream to play beside him someday", which was evidently enough to deal other clubs "a major summer transfer blow"!  Likelihood of happening: small.

(2) Atletico Madrid are interested. Simeone of course knows him from years ago, and all I've been able to find supporting this is Vietto saying he liked Simeone.  Likelihood of happening?  Better than Barca, probably, but still....

(3) Real Madrid have to sign him!!  Now!! I mean, look, I know lots of Real Madrid fans and like a lot of them, but I cannot imagine what it must be like to live the roller-coaster existence that is being a madridista these days.  This bleacher report article basically gives the reasons for signing Vietto as (1) he's cheap, and (2) Barcelona and Atleti want him. And you wonder why your team seems dysfunctional?   Odds of happening?  Slim I'd think.

(4) Arsenal are interested.  Sort of.  But maybe they want to go for someone else.  But they cost twice the price.  And Wenger is Wenger.  And...   Oh, likelihood of happening is probably non-zero.

(5) Liverpool hope to wrap up the deal in the summer. Vietto would replace Lambert, who nearly went to Aston Villa in January anyway.  I'd think this would be the most likely place, just because Liverpool futzed away a chance to sign him a year ago and so presumably want to remedy this mistake.   Likelihood of happening: medium?

(6) Napoli are interested Of course they are.  Likelihood of happening?  Small, since I doubt they would step up to the plate with cash on the nail.  But hey, why not.

And what of Tottenham Hotspur?  Well, they did have scouts at the Sevilla match, so could have been watching.....oh, most anybody.

What do you think?  Comment below.