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Villarreal being investigated by FIFA for youth signings? Transfer bans for Atleti and Real Madrid?

It's being reported Real Madrid and Atleti are going to get transfer bans from FIFA for the same sort of underage signings that Barcelona made. And Villarreal has been rumored to be investigated as well.

Here's an article about Real Madrid, posted on a sister site:

Rumor is--well, the president of Getafe says(!)--Villarreal has been or is being investigated too.  How would he know??

And I don't know whether to believe the last line, that if Blatter is reelected, everything will go away.  Even for him, that seems brazen, doesn't it?

Cadena Ser has been write about some things and wrong about many others, so....

If your Spanish is good, you might want to listen to the Cadena Ser broadcast here.