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Three of four Villarreal strikers out for La Real

The squad has been released, and Uche, Gio, and Vietto are ALL missing. Not good.

Sergio Marcos, in the squad again
Sergio Marcos, in the squad again
Maria José Segovia

Well, here's the team:

  • Keepers: Asenjo y Juan Carlos.
  • Defenders: Mario, Rukavina, Jaume Costa, Jokic, Víctor Ruiz, Dorado and Javi Jiménez (dorsal 63).
  • Midfielders: Pina, Trigueros, Jonathan dos Santos, Moi Gómez, Campbell, Sergio Marcos and Alfonso Pedraza (dorsal 61).
  • Strikers: Gerard y Fran Sol (dorsal 43).

Obviously the biggest concern is up top; Vietto's back injury doesn't seem to be responding to treatment, whether in Vila-real, Barcelona, or Italy, and Uche's knee problem makes him unavailable.

I'm going to throw this suggestion out there:  why not use Campbell as a second striker, with Jona and Moi on the wings?