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Ex-Villarreal Nicki Bille Nielsen, in the news.....

On trial in Denmark for biting a policeman, h'm.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Nicki Bille could be jailed for up to eight years, probably won't be, but who knows.  All of this stems from an incident when Ex-Villarreal B/Rayo loanee/Elche loanee Nicki Bille Nielsen had to be subdued with pepper spray and bit a policeman in the aftermath of a night out in Copenhagen last year.

For me the most interesting comment was 'when he was younger, he liked to party"....that seemed evident from his flameout here.

I had lost track of him, but after Rosenborg (Norway) released him in the wake of his arrest, he ended up in France at Evian in League 1; has played 800 minutes with one goal (19 matches).  He was sent down to their second team in February, scored three goals in three matches and has started two matches for the first team since being recalled.