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Villarreal Juvenil A wins the division title!

The Juvenil A achieved their main objective after overwhelmingly defeating Hércules 5-1 at their home ground of Divina Pastora, thus earning their fifth División de Honor title.

Maria Jose Segovia

The Cantera Grogueta does it again. Led by the wisdom of former Villarreal player, Javi Calleja, the Juvenil A crowned a wonderful season by convincingly defeating local rivals Hércules 5-1 in the last round of the divison, claiming their fifth trophy after an unsurpassable chance, where they depended solely on themselves to win the title. Celebrations did not way for too long after the joy of the players overflowed on the pitch and inside the dressing rooms. It has been a marvelous season for the Juvenil A, the young players, the staff and the club found their reward, and very deservedly earned this title.

It was not too long before Villarreal was able to open the can. It was during the 19th minute when Chuca opened the score by chipping Hércules GK after a nice through ball by Cassano. The most difficult thing was done up to that point which was opening the score and getting that first goal.

The second goal for Villarreal arrived shortly after the first 30 minutes when Cassano appeared again with another superb filtered pass behind the local defense, leaving teammate Mario alone to score the second for Villarreal.

The Yellow gale was unstoppable. Then affter a quick counter, Chuca made a cross that hit the arm of Hércules defender inside the box, leaving the ball completely immovable for Beli to made it past the Hércules gatekeeper making it 3-0 for Villarreal before half-time. It could have possibly not been a better first half for the Juvenil A.

In the second half, Javi Calleja's pupils managed to control the tempo of the match at their disposal without foundering in defense too much, and always looking to amplify their lead. Calleja made some changes in the second half, subbing in Paraguayan 'Pibe' Méndez and USA youngster, Mukwelle Akale, in the 59th minute, and Guinot in the 70th minute. It was precisely Akale who made his efforts count, after a generous pass by Chuca. Akale just literally had to give a little push to the ball into the net, making it 4-0 for Villarreal. Hércules then scored their honor goal two minutes later from the penalty spot, however, the game was far from over after the man of the match, Cassano, found his reward with a superb definition after a nice string of passes by Villarreal. It was Villarreal fifth goal of the match and last of the season. Shortly afterward, the ref marked the end of the game. The joy was tremendous on the pitch, and rightly so, the Juvenil A were crowned champions for the fifth time.

You can watch the full game with commentary by former Villarreal player, Javi Venta, here:

Once the season is over, the awaited reward of playing the Copa de Campeones will arrive from May 4th to the 10th at Almuñécar (Granada), where only the best canteras of Spain will meet, including Villarreal of course. Also, Javi Calleja's team earned the right to play in the Copa del Rey of the Division that will be played in Ceuta during the last days of June.

Juvenil A coach, Javi Calleja, was quite exultant after obtaining the trophy of División de Honor just before being carried by his players. "Is the reward of being consistent. We never lost faith in our possibilities throughout the season and this is our reward. We are the champions and we earned very deservedly.", Calleja said in regards of winning the title.

As far as the analysis of the game against Hércules, the Madrilenian coach emphasized that the team knew perfectly what they had to do in order to win the title, "We faced the match in the best way possible. After the first goal we had a great game and the goals just kept coming to complete this 5-1 score that leaves us very content."

The Juvenil A will honored tomorrow at El Madrigal prior to the game between Villarreal and Córdoba CF at 19:00 hours.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the female Cadete A team who were also crowned champions of their division today. Congratulations, ladies!.

Endavant Villarreal!.