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Villarreal Juvenil A eye Division title

The Juvenil A are one step closer to win their Division title on Saturday when they face Hércules. Should they win, they will clinch the Division title.

Maria Jose Segovia

Villarreal Juvenil A are on the verge of coronating a magnificent season when they visit Hércules this Saturday. They are merely 90 minutes away of winning their fifth División de Honor title. No matter what happens, it has been a wonderful season for Javi Calleja's young pupils. Their numbers are more than impressive. The Juvenil A have disputed 29 matches, earning 20 victories, tying 6 games, and they have only lost 3 matches. They have scored 78 goals and conceded only 20.

Currently, the Juvenil A coached by former Villarreal player Javi Calleja are in a impressive streak with 13 consecutive games without a single loss. Of the 29 rounds played so far, the Submarine Juvenil A has lead the competition for 5 weeks, with the last time being this past week after defeating Alboraya 3-1. The first time the Juvenil led the Division, was in round 4th after routing Cartagena 4-0, although they fell into 4th place in the next round. It was in the 13th round when they climbed back into first place, having retaining the lead for three consecutive weeks.

Along the way, Villarreal has been competing head to head with rivals Valencia. The Yellow Submarine have been in second place for 19th rounds and other 5 rounds below 2nd place.

After their aforementioned victory against Alboraya, Villarreal Juvenil A has grabbed 1st place once again with only one game remaining. Therefore, if Villarreal defeat Hércules on Saturday, they will be crowned champions of the División de Honor for the fifth time, and that would allow them to play in the next edition of the prestigious Copa de Campeones, as well as the Copa del Rey that will be disputed by the two best placed teams of each group of the División de Honor.

It is worth mentioning that Villarreal Juvenil A has the top scorer of the Division, Paraguayan striker, Jorge "Pibe"  Méndez, with 20 goals, followed by teammate Simón Moreno with 10, Cassalu with 8 and Chuca with 6. For those of you who don't know, Simón Moreno is the younger brother of former Villarreal academy graduate, Joselu. The Juvenil A also counts in their ranks with the Chilean Martín Nicolás and USA youngster, Mukwelle Akale.

The player that has seeing the most minutes is captain Miguelón, who plays as right back, with 2.388 minutes, followed by Cassano (2.199), 'Pibe' (2.168), Rodri (2.043), Mathi (2.012) and Beli (1.869).

Current Juvenil A coach and former Villarreal player, Javi Calleja, has analyzed the marvelous chance the team has of winning the title: "The most difficult thing throughout this week has been handling the anxiety. We are all very excited and have the desire of winning on Saturday. It has been a rigorous season, in which the hard work, consistency, and perseverance of the players have been the key factors."

According to Javi Calleja, depending on one himself as been the most important factor, "It has been a constant head to head, push and pull, against Valencia all season long, and now we have found ourselves in the ideal situation we wanted. We depend on ourselves to win the title and that's the most important thing."

Finally, Calleja analyzed the opponent of this very last round: "We are going to be playing in a smaller field than usual, but we will be hoping to adapt to it as soon as possible, and that it doesn't pose as a problem for us. Hércules had the displeasure of getting relegated in their last game and they will surely be playing with no pressure. They will be wanting to say good bye with one last win, and therefore it will be complicated".

The match will be live on Villarreal Live this Saturday at 18.00 hours. Former Villarreal player, Javi Venta will be commenting the game. You can watch the game here: