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Villarreal news: C team, Pantic, Vietto

A quick catchup of a few things that made the news regarding the Submarine.

Crevillente 1-1 Villarreal C:  a rare midweek match for the C-team, and they drew 1-1 away from home. That puts the C team third, four points behind Castellón in second and five behind Levante's B team.  Of course, it's unlikely the C team can take part in the playoffs since the B team isn;t going to get promoted, but it's still a nice accomplishment.

Youth international Manu Viana got our goal (he scored on the weekend too in our 4-1 victory).

Luciano Vietto: our Argentine star visited a clinic in Jaén to treat his back pain--a clinic that has treated other Villarreal players (Santi Cazorla and Guille Franco) in the past.  He may or may not be included in the squad for Sunday.

Alexsandar Pantic:  Nice article in EPM about him--he's really the only one of our loanees who has gotten a lot of playing time.   He isn't able to play for Cordoba against us, but we are expecting him to rejoin Villarreal next season (interesting that the author expects we are not keeping Dorado).