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Feature video about the Valencia-Villarreal rivalry

With interviews with players, fan club members, Javi Mata, etc., this is worth watching, especially if you're a fairly new Villarreal fan.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

I'm not familiar with Copa360, but they have a feature called "Derby Days" which usually fixtures matches between two teams in the same city, but they decided to feature Valencia-Villarreal in this segment, and it's very well done (apart from the decision to interview Javi Mata on a graffiti-laden bench; surely they could have found a better place than that??).

Some nice shots of Valencia.  Two things I didn't know: (1) Valencia coach Nuno speaks really good English; (2) while I understand the desire to replace the Mestalla, it's an iconic ground and I really wish that money had gone into redeveloping it.  (word is the Nou Mestalla will be done in time for Valencia's centenary, in 2019).

I thought it was great--curious to see what Jiwonsi will think, since he is the Valencia-supporting fellow who comes on here to goad us at times :)

Could have wished for a bit of explanation of how Valencia's ownership situation has been more traumatic than ours, but then again I'm just delighted we didn't have to watch Jonas's goal again--remember, we still had a chance to save ourselves with a draw against Atleti but did not.  So it's not as if that goal directly sent us down, which the video might have implied

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