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Villarreal news: Australia trip, Kakuta rumor, etc.

Looks as though the end-of-season trip will be to Australia, and Villarreal is rumored to be interested in Kakuta, Chelsea player on loan to Rayo.

Villarreal to play in Adelaide May 29, Brisbane June 3-- this appears to be part of the LFP World Challenge, but also is happening at the time when Villarreal have usually taken their trip to China or Hong Kong and played clubs there.

The Adelaide match will take place at their Coopers Stadium (sponsored by a brewery, always a good thing!).  I don't know if we have any Australians on this site, but if so, maybe they can let us know if they plan to attend either match.

Transfer rumorGael Kakuta (Chelsea player, on loan at Rayo): 5 goals, 6 assists for him this year.   He's been Chelsea property since 2009 but they've loaned him out year after year.  According to transfermarkt his Chelsea contract is up this summer though; if that's right, presumably we'd just be trying to sign him on a free?  He is primarily a left winger, but can play on the right side as well.