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Luciano Vietto news--Man Utd interested?

We may be doing a lot more of these stories.

Maria José Segovia

Luciano Vietto news:

(1) Lizarraga confirmed in EPM the release clause is €20m (of which Villarreal would get almost all of it).  We signed him for €5.5m; other clubs had offered more, we could have (maybe) offered more money up front for him and then had a larger release clause, but who knew what would happen?

(2) Real Madrid have been mentioned as a possible target.

(3) Manchester United had scouts watching the match against Celta yesterday, and they were there to watch Vietto.  Of course Liverpool have been named as being interested for a long time.

(4) Villarreal would like to keep him for longer (of course) and is interested in renegotiating his contract (higher release price, higher salary).