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Villarreal-Celta PREVIEW

Villarreal host the Sky Blues of Celta de Vigo, looking to keep pace with Sevilla in the race for fifth

Maria José Segovia

Down and out in the COPA but not in Europa, Villarreal hope to smash Celta as they poise for Europa triumph.

There will be a massive security buzz around this one after the infamous "bomba" that went of last year during this very match. I was there and I can honestly say Villarreal losing brought a tear to me eye.

The Barca match was a disappointment it is still a massive achievement to get as far as we did.  Marca faced many a skeptic by rotating the squad against Madrid but it won’t faze him too much should he have to do it again. Our second starting XI is more than capable of taking on any team.

Squad: Asenjo y Juan Carlos. Mario, Jaume Costa, Musacchio, Rukavina y Dorado Pina, Jonathan dos Santos, Trigueros, Sergio Marcos, Campbell, Cheryshev y Moi Gómez. Vietto, Gerard Moreno, Uche y Giovani.

I expect the usual stars with Moreno and Gio leading the way. It will be likely that Sergio Marcos will start ahead of Pina. I have been really impressed with the young star and I expect a lot of exciting things to come from him.

Eric Bailly is the only fresh injury concern he will be out for up to two weeks.  He had an impressive debut against Madrid. He had been playing in the African Cup nations prior to this match. As it was a lot more physical than the Spanish league that could be a possible reason for giving away a penalty. But Ronaldo’s antics never exactly help the situation. Jokic, Adrián Marín and Bruno are all still out

Celta Vigo are good side to watch they are pacey and strong and I always admire seeing them play. They recently took on the mighty Atletico and won doing us a massive favour. We won’t be able to repay the favour as we are going to win but they are not a side to be underestimated.

My prediction is a wary 3- 2 to us I imagine a lot of late goals and stress but we will prevail.